Legal Toolkit Michigan Probate, Estate and Elder Law

What to Bring About Probate, Estate and Elder Law

Wills and trust documents;

Names and addresses of children and spouse, guardians for minor children, and any other heirs;

Copies of Real Estate deeds, Life Insurance policies, and list of other significant assets and institutions holding them (finances, retirement plans, investments, and other significant belongings);

List of life-changing events (e.g. births, deaths, divorce, marriage, financial windfall) which occurred since the creation of the will or between the creation of the will and the death of the decedent;

Copy of death certificate (if applicable);

F List of decedent’s debts if applicable (monthly bills and other debts such as mortgages);

Copy of funeral bill (if applicable).

List of any property allocations specifically required

List of desired charitable donations from proceeds of will

List of goals