Legal Toolkit Michigan Lawsuits and Appeals

What to Do About Lawsuits and Appeals


Document EVERYTHING - names of witnesses, conditions, photographs, insurance records, police reports, product packaging and instructions.


DO NOT MAKE ANY STATEMENTS - statements made may come back to haunt you and work to your disadvantage later on.


DO NOT SIGN ANYTHING - It is quite common to be faced with signing either a settlement agreement or a document stating that you have been served with papers relating to an upcoming court case. Many times signing documents will either mean giving up certain rights you may have, or starting the clock running on a court deadline.


Act quickly - Keep in mind that many legal claims are subject to a two year statute of limitations, which means the case must be brought within a limited amount of time from the date of the incident or injury, or the discovery of it. Prompt action ensures that you not only preserve any evidence that may be beneficial to you, but also assists your attorney should you decide to retain one.


Speak with an attorney - Only a licensed attorney can truly assess your current situation, whether you are considering taking legal action, or legal proceedings have been brought against you.