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What to Expect About Immigration


Some immigration attorneys charge a flat fee for services and some charge hourly rates and some may charge a combination of the flat fees and hourly rates. You will also be charged for immigration filing fees and other expenses as necessary.


Initial consultation fees in immigration typically fall somewhere in the range of $75-$150. Some initial immigration consultations may be free.


Immigration attorneys often offer a payment plan or accept credit card payments.


U.S. Citizenship and Immigration Services filing fees alone range from $160-$1,000, depending on your situation. For some employment-based filings, you can expect filing fees in excess of $2,000; however, an employer may be required to pay for some of these fees.


Attorneys charge for expenses incurred on behalf of clients. These expenses typically include copying charges, long-distance phone charges, postage, faxes, court filing fees, the cost of court reporters, expert witness fees, and other expenses associated with handling your case.


It is advisable to ask your attorney to put the fee arrangement in writing. This will help you and your attorney clarify what you will be charged for, when you are expected to pay your invoices, and what you should do if you have a concern about fees.