Legal Toolkit Michigan Adoption

What to Bring About Adoption


For agency finalization adoption, bring:

  1. copy of original birth certificate if available
  2. name, addresses, birth dates of parents and child to be adopted
  3. list of expenses incurred with respect to adoption 4. copy of homestudy from agency if completed


For private adoption (where a child has not been matched), bring:

  1. all vital information-names, addresses, birth dates, date of marriage (if applicable);
  2. your medical insurance information


For step-parent adoption, bring:

  1. all vital information for parent wanting to adopt
  2. last time birth parent contacted you – i.e. date
  3. copy of last support check provided – or written records of such support 


In representation of birth parent, bring:

  1. name of doctor and hospital where you will be delivering your child
  2. information regarding your health insurance plan
  3. medical social history form – generally provided in advance of meeting for birth parent to complete .