Legal Toolkit Michigan DUI, Traffic

What to Know
If you or a loved one have been arrested or accused of a crime, it is imperative that you contact an experience criminal defense attorney immediately. This holds true even in the context of Drunk Driving. An experienced lawyer will be able to walk you through the process and inform you of any defenses that are available. Also, many municipalities only preserve key evidence, such as police in-car video, for as little as thirty (30) days. And in many circumstances, Secretary of State action and appeal is required within fourteen (14) days of one’s arrest.


The general term “traffic offense” can include anything from Driving While License Suspended, to a speeding ticket. It is highly advisable that one not simply admit responsibility and pay the ticket, or appear in court unrepresented for a misdemeanor traffic offense.
What to Expect
Every attorney works from a retainer agreement, if you choose to hire his or her services. However, every attorney also has different variations of their retainer agreements. Some will charge a flat/fixed fee, while others may work on an hourly basis. Some may charge for expenses, such as in-car or booking room videos, while other’s will not. It is advisable to ask for the agreement to be in writing, although it is not mandated. Most attorneys will accept payment either in numerous ways: cash, check or credit card, and some have Paypal accounts and may offer other internet based payment methods.
What to Do
Actions to consider or avoid in Michigan related to D.U.I./Criminal and Traffic Defense.
Where to Read More

Michigan legislature: Easy to search Michigan Codified Laws, MCL) (has all the cities ordinances on-line)

MI Secretary of State: / sos

Google Scholar:

State Appellate Defender Office
What to Bring
It is always helpful to the attorney if you can bring any and all paperwork that you have in your possession. This may include the ticket that was written by the arresting officer, the Datamaster slip with your blood alcohol content, and the paper license that you were given if your physical driver’s license was destroyed.
What to Ask
Questions you may want to ask of your Michigan D.U.I./Criminal and Traffic Defense attorney.