Criminal Law

Can I own Machine Guns and other Title II firearms in Michigan?
Yes. Under Michigan law if you properly register what is known as "Dangerous Ordnance" with the Federal Government it is possible to own items such as machine guns, suppressors, short barreled rifles and short barreled shot guns.
Can a person with a drug crime conviction own firearms?
As of today, no. Anyone with a conviction involving illegal drugs is prohibited under state law from possessing firearms, this includes petty offenses as well. There is, however, a split amongst the courts as to the validity of this law and the law is currently in the process of being changed.
Do I have to register my firearms in Michigan?
No. There is no "Gun Registry" anywhere in the state of Michigan. More information -
If convicted of a crime that prohibits me from owning a firearm, can I have my rights restored?
Yes. This is an extensive and not easily answered question as it depends on your specific facts and circumstances. Michigan has several processes for restoring your firearm rights - but not everyone is eligible.

In certain cases under Michigan Law they are restored automatically; however, they are not restored for purposes of federal law and the procedure for restoring them under federal law is cumbersome.
Gun Law: Is open carry in Michigan really legal?
Yes. It is a constitutionally protected right in Michigan.
Gun Law: If I qualify for a concealed carry permit does the sheriff have to issue it to me?
Yes. Michigan is what is known as a shall issue state.
Gun Law: Is it illegal for me to use a magazine that exceeds 31 rounds?
Yes, with exceptions. Under Michigan law as interpreted it is illegal for a citizen to use a magazine that is over 31 rounds with a semi-automatic firearm unless a license is first obtained from the sheriff. It is important to note that there is some question as to the constitutionality of this law.